The Boss is Always Right

Geri Danton
2 min readDec 18, 2019

A poem

Now listen here, you troublemaker
I’m your friend, your best caretaker
Once you’re past your silly youth
You’ll see we’re telling you the truth

See black is white and white is black
And two plus two makes five

And if you disagree with us
And try to make some silly fuss
We’ll let you stay alive!

Now isn’t that magnanimous
And beautiful and grand of us
We’ll let you stay alive!

Unless you dare connive

And try to throw us from our seat
Though you should know we can’t be beat
You wouldn’t want to anyway
I know what’s best. You’d rue the day
That I left you, if e’er I did
You’d make a mess of it, you kid
And beg for me to come right back
I know what’s best, I’ve got the knack

What’s that, the water’s leaking in?
That’s your own fault, your own damn sin!
Don’t say you told me this would come
You never knew, ’cause you’re too dumb!
My orders would’ve stopped this plight
If you’d just carried them out right

Well now that we’re both in this mess
You’ll need to give me that life vest
I know that there is only one
But without me you’d all be done

Without me you wouldn’t last a day
And I paid for that life vest anyway
So give it here, or I’ll have to attack
Hey, where’re you going! You come right back!



Geri Danton

I’m a grad student with a background in evolutionary biology who likes to write about science, politics, and art