Geri Danton
1 min readJun 9, 2020

A poem

To defeat Donald Trump, we may need to concede
That our highest ideals are not what we need

After all, is a credible rape allegation
Enough to derail a good man’s nomination?
These purity tests are a terrible chore
And in any case, Trump has raped so many more

For the midterms, let’s only run soldiers in khakis
Who cares about silly things like dead Iraqis?

George W. Bush? Only praise him, you hear?
For as long as he doesn’t like Trump, he’s a dear

And that goes for the Davids, for Brooks and for Frum
If they’re anti-Trump, we’ll let them beat the war drum

Now he’s fired Jeff Sessions, so protest and shout
That he’s our segregationist, don’t throw him out!

And although they just love making big bombs go “Boom!”
Let’s call all of the generals “adults in the room”

Then we’ll shout “Russia, Russia!” at the other party
Who cares about proof? Hey, it worked for McCarthy

Put all of your faith and your love and your trust
In the FBI agents, they’re never unjust

But it’s worth it to stop him, that ought to be clear
He’s a dangerous threat to democracy here
We must stop him before our Republic deforms
After all, Donald Trump undermines all our norms!



Geri Danton

I’m a grad student with a background in evolutionary biology who likes to write about science, politics, and art