How Obama, Clinton, and Biden Would React to the Protests

Geri Danton
4 min readJun 3, 2020

With Trump’s abysmal, authoritarian response to the protests and uprisings sparked by George Floyd’s murder, it’s worth considering how the responses of various Democrats would differ from his.

Trump’s response to the protests and uprisings:

Hypothetical reactions to the protests and uprisings by Democrats if they were President now:

Barack Obama:

Let me be clear. I can… uh… understand the pain and anger… at seeing the video… of George Floyd’s death. However… we must not… uh… jump to conclusions. We need… to let the investigation… run its course. This is personal to me. What happened to George Floyd… could have happened to me. And I encourage the… peaceful protests. But there are thugs and criminals among the protestors rioting and looting. Doing that only… uh… destroys your own communities. If you’re angry… don’t do anything until an election and then vote for the Democrat. I know the Governor of Minnesota and Mayor of Minneapolis are… Democrats… but trust me, voting for Democrats is the best thing you can do… to… stop these kinds of events. After all, you turned out in droves to vote for me… and that’s really made things better. And because of the… rioters and looter… I’m afraid I’ll have to invoke the Insurrection Act of 1807, to send our brave men and women in uniform… into Minneapolis to… keep the peace and… uh… protect these rioters and looters from themselves. I used to give lectures on the Insurrection Act of 1807 at… Harvard, so you can trust me to never… violate the constitution… or our… civil liberties. However… to address the concerns of the protestors we will be… forming a task force to look into police brutality headed by… Senator Amy Klobuchar, who has invaluable experience in… law enforcement. Of course, with someone as liberal as Amy Klobuchar on the task force… we’ll need a Republican for balance. My… uh… honorable colleagues across the aisle suggest… Joe Arpaio.

Liberal reaction:

Sturdy leadership from the President in a time of crisis

President Obama gets personal in stirring address to the nation

Hillary Clinton:

These are trying times. Putin and the Russians are once again trying to sow division in our great nation by spreading misinformation and inflammatory ideas to spur on these riots. It’s not like there’s any legitimate reason Americans would be upset and in the streets, especially not black people. I’ve met so many black people, especially during Bill’s and my time in the Arkansas governor’s mansion, and they would be shocked at this behavior. The only people who would act so atrociously are the super-predators, but thanks to our work on the Crime Bill in the 90’s, which all the black people in Congress supported, by the way, they’ve all been locked up, them and no one else. So the only explanation is that the protests are being spurred on by Russia. This is practically an act of war, and as such I’ll be invoking the Insurrection Act of 1807 to maintain the peace.

Liberal reaction:

Strong leadership from Hillary Clinton

Hillary shows that a woman can crack down on rioters just as well as a man

Imagine the disaster if instead of Hillary Clinton responding to these riots we had elected Donald Trump, or worse, Bernie Sanders

Joe Biden:

Come on man, I know what happened to Floyd Mayweather was wrong. The cop should’ve just shot him in the leg instead. But if you think the answer to that is to riot and loot, well, then you ain’t black if you think that. The NAACP is on my side on this man. I didn’t sit in a cell in South Africa with Nelson Mandela to have a bunch of thugs and criminals mess up the country. I marched with Michael Luther King in the 60’s, man, and he would be outraged at what these rioters are doing. So would my old friend Strom Thurmond. So I’ve got to keep the peace, you see? And the only way to do that is to send in the troops. I’ll be invoking the Insurr… the Insurgent…. The 1707 Act. 1707… 7… 17…7… 7… 7. You got that fatso? If you don’t like it, then don’t vote for me.

Liberal reaction:

Tough but necessary leadership from President Biden

Biden won South Carolina, so he can’t be racist

Biden’s response may not have been perfect, but it was much better than how any Republican President would’ve responded



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